IKEA LACK Audio Rack

Here is my new LACK rack.  Nice, fit and the cheap.  Noted that the LACK table top is TOO WEAK for any significant weight and will easily breaks in many different ways which you won’t expected.  I ordered an 6mm glass top for HKD$75 while the LACK itself cost only HKD$59.9!  Anyway it still worth in every cents.

Power Amp

  • Genalex Gold Lion KT88 Reissue
  • RCA 12bh7a black plate round getter red logo
  • Telefunken EF86 silver plate


  • M7 Circuit
  • x3 50’s Sylvania 5751 black plates triple mica square getter yellow paint

CD / Tape Deck

  • DENON DN-T620 CD/Cassette deck
  • with balanced output ( can anyone help providing a balanced tube amp input suggestion to my DIY M7)


  • CREATIVE Digital Music SX, modded with OS-CON


  • APC Smart-UPS 1000
  • NOT FOR AUDIO and does not work in Audio at all, its 220volt AC output waveform just SUCK and noisy.

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