45cm Experiment Tank

Summer is coming.  This 45cm tank is up for various testing.  Be reminded once again,  it is a TESTING/EXPERIMENT tank.

45cm x 45cm x45cm cube tank.  It is hard to find, especially an ugly cheap one at HKD$230.  For Japan ADA at HKD$16xx and I saw a china made high grade same compare to ADA at HKD8xx.

IKEA Lack Side Table is a symbol of mass production.  It is cheap, efficient and easy to transport and @ unbelievable HKD$59.9 each.  This has been widely used as DIY hifi rack too.  Actually it can even be used as a standard 19″ mounting rack – LackRacks.

WARNING!!! Max. load of 25 kg as of product specification. (who fick’in care anyway)

Here are TWO IKEA Lack doubled up, liquid nailed.  Worked like a charm.  Now it is a heavy duty fish rack, good to go!  And there is a very old Eheim ecco 2234 at lease served me over 5 years, with 2 lites Power House Filter Media Size S.

[Day 1] New tank running in.  My ADA Amazon II is good.  I haven’t see any yellow water and basically I really don’t care about what pH it can gives as long as the soil don’t break up into powers.

[Day 3] I don’t believe in those so called super bio-starter or super bacteria.  I only added a little tap water conditioner and a nice used wood.  And the most important thing is DO NOT change the water EVER during the running in period.  The heater bring up the water to 27 degree celsius to speed up the process.

[Day 6] … still DO NOT ever change any water.  Keep it running through out the process.  Now it is crystal clear, but only half way to go.  It needs another 2weeks for the N-cycle to become stable.

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